Small businesses manage risk constantly . . . including the risk of outlandish behavior from bad customers. The story of a Harvard Business School professor who threatened to sue Sichuan Garden Restaurant for an alleged 4-dollar discrepancy in his take-out order has gone viral. Funny as might be, I give kudos to the restaurant owner for how he tried to manage the situation: with courtesy and professionalism, but without surrendering to "legal" threats and extortionate behavior.
Dogs . . . and cats and horses and the occasional goat . . . have pride of place in my heart. And the small businesswomen and men who serve them have my deep respect and loyalty. People such as Melissa McCue-McGrath, of MuttStuff in Somerville, Massachusetts, an extraordinary trainer and entrepreneur.

President Obama's executive actions, issued before the Thanksgiving holidays may offer many immigrant parents of US-born children some positive short-term changes and stability. Whether or not these changes have a lasting positive impact depends on further Executive and Congressional action over the next few years. 

For more information on the announced actions, visit the USCIS website here or contact the Office.