In July of 2015, a new low-cost legal services agency dedicated to assisting transgender individuals in New England went live: Transformative Justice Legal Service (TJLS). This law practice, along with  is proud to be a chief supporter of TJLS. Updates and a link to TJLS new survey of the legal needs for transgender individuals can be found on its Facebook page

More broadly, the national and regional picture for transgender equality and employment protections is changing. The EEOC recently solidified its long-developing position on anti-discrimination protections by formally announcing that it considers discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity to be forms of sex discrimination. This should come as a welcome clarification to all workers and employers.
As 2014 draws to a close, charitable donations appear to have gently risen from past years. Donors and charitable beneficiaries should be aware of IRS guidance on charitable giving and tax deductions so that good intentions don't become a problem later down the line.

Individuals who routinely foster animals on behalf of tax-exempt charitable organizations may wish to (carefully!) consider whether or not their activities qualify as charitable contributions.

Sadly, no tax deductions are available to me for accidentally feeding the squirrel who lives next door by having my bird feeder in his tree. I hope he enjoyed his suet.